Chocolate And Your Teeth

UNDER MOST CIRCUMSTANCES, dentists are not fans of candy. The sugar in candy is the favorite food of bacteria that cause tooth decay. However, when it comes to chocolate, certain types may actually be good for oral health!

To be clear, this is not a blog post in which we give you a free pass to eat all the chocolate you want. Only certain types of chocolate have any health benefits, and too much of even the healthiest kinds probably isn’t a good thing.

All Chocolate Is Not Created Equal

How can you tell where any given chocolate falls on the spectrum from most processed to least? It helps to know a little about how chocolate is made. The most important ingredient is the cocoa bean. After fermenting, the beans can either be roasted and made into cocoa powder, or cold pressed into cacao powder, which retains more of the original nutrients. You’ll get the most nutrients from cacao nibs or powder, but the stuff is pretty bitter and the chocolatey taste isn’t as strong.

If you’d rather stick with the chocolate you’re used to, there are still factors to consider. The main ingredients in a chocolate bar are cocoa solids, cocoa butter, sugar, and milk (if it’s milk chocolate). White chocolate is made with cocoa butter and sugar and contains no cocoa solids, so it has none of the beneficial nutrients. Milk chocolate tends to contain at most 10 percent cocoa solids, so the tiny amount of nutrients from the cocoa beans is offset by a ton of sugar. Not a healthy choice. But let’s talk about dark chocolate.

The Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate, particularly 70 percent cocoa (or cacao) or higher, is where you’ll start hearing buzzwords like “superfood.” That’s because the cocoa bean is full of healthy antioxidants–specifically, polyphenols, flavonoids, and tannins–and dark chocolate has enough cocoa in it to keep most of them. Bonus points: there isn’t much sugar.

Antioxidants have all kinds of benefits for overall health, but let’s focus on oral health. Saliva is the mouth’s first line of defense against tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath, and antioxidants play a crucial role in all of those. They help stabilize and strengthen your own oral tissues, protect against cell mutation, and make it harder for harmful bacteria to flourish.

Chocolate Still Isn’t Everything

Like we said before, this blog post isn’t a license for you to eat as much chocolate as you want. No matter how full of antioxidants it is, dark chocolate still doesn’t replace other important oral health habits like brushing, flossing, and regular dental appointments. If you love to snack, however, you might consider swapping a few items heavy in processed sugars for dark chocolate or cacao nibs. Your teeth will thank you!

Your healthy teeth are our pride and joy!


Patient Of The Month

Anthony and his family moved to Fishers from Chicago to establish his law practice in Hamilton and Marion counties after graduating from Valparaiso University Law. The choice to move the family to Fishers was an easy one as the excellent schools, safety of the community, and continued growth were what the Cozzis were looking for. Anthony and his family chose Dr. Kheiri as their dentist due to his warm nature, comfortable office, and his great staff.

Anthony practices in areas of the law that are personal to his clients such as family matters, estate planning, closely held businesses, and elder law. Outside of his practice, his priorities are spending time with his family, traveling, and fishing.

Thank you Anthony!

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Patient Of The Month

Our patient of the month is Barbara. She is an amazing patient referred to us courtesy of Dr. Sarah Herd.

She recently moved from Boston, but is originally from New York. She loves her new home of Fishers as well as her new dental home at Complete Dental Care.

She is a sweet, energetic person who has a passion for rescue dogs. We love having her as our patient, thank you Barbara! As a token of our appreciation, Barbara received a gift card and Complete Dental Care of Fishers swag bag!

Patient Of The Month

Meet our patient of the month Kaylee! She is 4 years old loves riding her bike, jumping on her trampoline, and watching her favorite show, The Loud House.

She is the most adorable patient who loved sitting in the dental chair with her cozy blanket and playing on her device. She was amazing during her treatment, smiling throughout. We love patients like Kaylee and would love to see your family as well. Please call to schedule your family!

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Open House

Thank you to everyone who attended our open house on May 12th. We had a great turnout of family, friends and patients. On this gorgeous sunny day we had food, music and a raffle where some lucky people won some amazing prizes!

A special thank you to One Zone Fishers and our Fishers City Council for their representation and support. We thank them for organizing our ribbon cutting and welcoming us to the local Fishers business community! We look forward to being a valuable member of the Fishers community.