Seberina - Office Manager


Practice Manager

Over 10 years in dentistry ranging from front office, office manager, and regional manager of multiple practices.

I love working in dentistry because I love helping patients overcome barriers to their dental needs whether their barrier is fear, financial issues, or past bad experiences in dentistry. My background prior to dentistry was in management and the medical field but I’ve found my true passion in the dental field.

I love working for CDC Fishers because this team gets it! I started my career inĀ  dentistry with Dr. Kheiri and many of the team members that are also here at CDC Fishers and couldn’t be happier to be back with the best dental family out there! The team here is very patient, team, and family oriented and I am so blessed to be part of it!

I am married and have two sons who are 19 and 11 years old. Our family also has two dogs. In my free time, when I can find that, I enjoy baking, crafting, working in my garden/canning, taking walks and family time!

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